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Gabriel Batistuta
Gabriel Omar Batistuta nicknamed Batigol as well as El Ángel Gabriel is a retired professional footballer. The prolific Argentine striker played most of his club football at F...

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Netherlands Football Wallpapers

Full Name: Netherlands
Country: Netherlands
Nickname(s): Clockwork Orange, Holland, Oranje
Confederation: UEFA
Stadium: Amsterdam Arena

National Team Information:
The Netherlands National Football Team has represented the Netherlands in association football since 1905. It is controlled by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), the governing body for football in the Netherlands. The team is colloquially referred to as Het Nederlands Elftal (The Dutch Eleven) and Oranje, after the House of Orange-Nassau. The Dutch hold the record for playing the most World Cup finals without ever winning the final. They finished second in the 1974, 1978 and 2010 World Cups, losing to West Germany, Argentina and Spain respectively. They won the European Championship in 1988. At the peak of their success in the 1970s, the team was famous for its mastery of Total Football. In August 2011, the team was ranked number 1 in the FIFA World Rankings, thus becoming the second national football team, after Spain, to top the rankings without previously winning a World Cup.
Holland-Wallpaper-1 Wallpaper
Holland Wallpaper 1
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Holland-Wallpaper-2 Wallpaper
Holland Wallpaper 2
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Holland Wallpaper 3
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Holland Wallpaper 4
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Netherland-Wallpaper-1 Wallpaper
Netherland Wallpaper 1
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Netherland Wallpaper 2
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Netherland Wallpaper 3
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Netherland Wallpaper 4
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Netherland Wallpaper 5
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Netherland Wallpaper 6
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